Being prepared on the go: 5 must-haves + exciting b-t-s news

School started today – for my youngest. And it’ll hopefully start tomorrow for my oldest (who’s under-the-weather…of all days!!!!).

Even though I’m still in summertime mode (taking care of my 11-year old), today feels more like “New Year’s Day” than January 1st. Starting a new chapter – for my kids and self… love this time of year! (BTW, I’ll let you in on what’s going to be part of my new chapter – and maybe YOURS! – at the end. Check out the end for some behind-the-scenes stuff, including a SPECIAL SUBSCRIBER DEAL to be on lookout for!)

This time of the year, the pace picks up for most of us –  whether you have kids or not. And that increase in pace usually equals an increase in stress. Something that ALWAYS helps? Being prepared.

Here are 5 ways to prep out your car so you are top of it – not necessarily when you leave home – but at least when you arrive to your destination!

1.  Mini-office (+ more) stash:  some of the things in mine:

  • scissors
  • tape
  • extra pen & pencil
  • paper clips
  • mini stain-stick + sunscreen
  • charger (for phone + iPad)
  • small notepad (Bonus points for having your name printed at top of pad – just saving time not having to sign your name can be pretty big. My notes to teachers are often scribbled as I’m in drop off line!)


  • My mini-office (+ more) console stash: good quality (strong) bag is important!

2. Travel packet of wipes: These come in handy WAY past diaper days!

3. Clipboard: Has your child ever had to finish homework on the way to school – WITHOUT something to bear down on? Not fun.  For anyone in the car.

4. Something to do / read: Whether it’s reading material for work or fun, have something on hand for when in a waiting room or carpool line. Not that you always have to be doing something every spare second of every day. Zoning out may be just what you need : )

5. An ORGANIZED console: Being super-organized here may seem a little much but it’s so nice to reach in and know exactly where to find that lint roller, pen, etc. Not having to dig around saves time and your nails! Those things I don’t grab quite as often are kept in a heavy duty bag (see #1) – keeps everything tidy.

MORE CAR CARE: As you may know, I’m BIG on ambiance – making things feel amazing no matter where you are. Here are  10 ways to turn your car into your HAVEN.  And here are some other ways I keep my car in order – including my #1 way I keep my car clutter free (most of time!!)

NEW CHAPTER: With me – and hopefully you too! 

No surprise: I’m super passionate about organizing. It’s made a huge difference in my own life. (If you get overwhelmed, stressed – believe me, I can relate.)

My blog allows me to share ideas but I know for many of us, we need something more. Without a doubt, hiring someone to come into your home, work, life to help 1-1 can make a huge difference. (I still use this route in my own life from time to time.) But I know this is not an option for so many due to budget or schedule restraints.

Over the past few years, I’ve been a participant in various virtual (on line) programs and have FALLEN IN LOVE with this way of learning. It’s something I can do:

  • at my own pace
  • in the comfort of my own home
  • at a much lower cost than if 1-1
  • without the stress of – “oh no, my child is sick (like today : ) – I’m going to have to cancel”

And best of all, I’ve gotten some amazing RESULTS! 

If YOU could use more order in life and are SO ready for change, this may be just what you need: This fall I’ll be offering my first virtual Organize Your Life program! 

I’ll be sharing lots more in upcoming weeks, but wanted my subscribers to know first what’s in the works. (And be on the lookout for a special deal – just for subscribers!) 

I’m honored to come into your inbox and I look forward to being a part of this (more organized!) life journey with you.

Happy New Year!!

With love and gratitude,




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