4 mistakes I {used to} make when buying something new

Do you ask yourself any of these questions when you {TRY TO} use something you’ve purchased?  If so, here’s how I’ve solved – saving myself lots of stress, $, time and frustration:

1. “What was I thinking when I bought this?”  

Over the years, how often have you bought something that didn’t work like it was supposed to? And then tossed it into your accumulating stash of stuff that’s not used {except to piss you off everything time you see it}?

SOLUTION: Now, I keep receipts for these items and know the return policies. If it’s truly not working like it’s supposed to, I’ll return / exchange it. BEFORE the x-date.

2.  “Where is that manual???”

SOLUTION: I have a section for purchases in our filing system organized in a way I can easily find. {Receipts stapled to / kept with manuals.}


  • If you don’t want to set up files, just designate a specific container to keep ALL manuals in ONE place.
  • OR, go paperless: scan receipts & use on-line manuals. But be sure to keep your digital stuff organized. Virtual clutter is a growing frustration for many of us!!

3.  “Which of these {tangled} cords belong to what??!”

I can’t count the number of times I’ve sorted through cords {once I untangled them} wondering which goes with what.

SOLUTION: Label every new cord  / plug / charger with a label maker, Sharpee or even masking tape. And keep neatly tamed with twisty, velcro tie, rubber band or labeled zip loc.

4.  “Isn’t there a better way to use this???” 

SOLUTION: Throw yourself into learning your new product {especially digital / electronic ones} within a week of purchasing. The longer you put this off, the more frustrated you’ll feel with your new toy AND yourself. Right when you buy is when you’re most excited about and most likely to learn about.

You’ll feel much more satisfied with your purchase and happy with yourself for learning the ropes!

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