Summer Lovin’ … Do this for more of it

It feels like yesterday we were getting together all of our school supplies for the first day of school.  And now, ready or not, summer is official in our house – i.e.:

“School’s out : )!!!” {my kids}

“School’s out #@%*!?! {me}

After a few weeks of – “Wow, the boys will be home with me pretty much all day – what are we going to do???”, I’m actually feeling a bit more zen-like about it.

What brought that about? Taking time to think of summer and what I’d we’d like it to look like. {I got input from the kids, too, since I know summer is not all about me.}

Want to love your summer? Try this:

GIVE THOUGHT to how you wish for summer to unfold. And extra credit {and extra likely it’ll happen that way} if you WRITE IT DOWN!!!

A few things we are going to do ….

  • Enhance our art supplies {ready to move past washable markers!}
  • Take a few art classes together {via YouTube – got to love learning on-line from comfort of your home : )
  • Learn how to use my zoom lens & video camcorder {have had since Christmas}
  • Make a terrarium {cut out an article from Real Simple a while back on this}
  • Take Marie Forleo’s Rich Happy & Hot B-School {CLICK HERE to check Marie out -LOVE HER!!!}
  • Home Ec 101 {this is for the boys – it’s time for them to STEP IT UP around the house}
  • Alligator Farm + Waterpark + Fishing, Fishing, Fishing
  • Transform our pantry & fridge to healthy haven {with lots of delicious, good-for-you & EASY meals}
  • Lots of “Lazy Days” {pi’s / no schedule}

For VACATION love … make your get-aways more relaxing {more order = more fun, peace, …} + keep those sunny {or not-so-sunny like this Memorial Day weekend here in Florida!} memories:

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