5 Fabulous {organizing on a budget} Tools

I’m all about saving $ when it makes sense to me. {And I also recognize the value of spending more when it makes sense. But that’s a different post.}

Today, I’ll share five of my favorite inexpensive “tools”{all under $3 dollars!} you can use to get organized:

1.  Twistie ties: for neatening up out of control cords: from the ones that come with your camera to those that belong to your child’s Nintendo DS. And using for my iPod earphones has kept me sane{er}… those darn things get tangled into knots within a millisecond!

Use a twistie to keep cord in order. And masking tape is great to use to label things.

2.  Masking Tape {or labels – like the ones in an Avery pack}: for labeling everything from storage containers to those multiplying cords {above}. When bringing in a new electronic device of some sort I always think, I’ll remember what this cord is for. {Not the case – ever.} For those not labeled, I’ll spend at least 30 seconds figuring out each time I use {and those seconds add up, believe me}. If you don’t already do this, label what each cord belongs to – and include or model # as well if it’s something you’ll probably get a newer version of later on RIGHT WHEN YOU BRING IT INTO YOUR HOME. {***Oh, and if you have kids that, for example, both have DS’s, you’ve probably witnessed numerous “discussions” about which charger belongs to whom.  The one they are about playing tug of war with or the one that’s MIA. Labeling solves that!***}

3.  Paper Bags:  When working with a client {or self}, I’ll often use paper bags as temporary holding places for sorted items. I’ll use a big Sharpie to label the outsides of each.

I've used paper grocery bags to temporarily contain our holiday stuff. TIP: You can even have your kids help "decorate" the bags. Getting children involved helps them begin forming organizing habits that will become invaluable as they grow...

4.  Ziplocks: I use these the same way as the bags, above. And at times will become perfect permanent “containers” {as seen in my post HERE : I don’t have a junk drawer – but I DO have these }

5.  Coat hanger caddy: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Wire coat hangers DRIVE ME CRAZY!!!!  I love wooden ones and huggable ones – they have been one of my favorite investments – and really, aren’t all that expensive. BUT, I have not been able to convert my husband so those wire hangers are still hanging around. Our dry cleaner gave me one of these cardboard hanger holders and it contains beautifully {or as beautiful as something related to a wire coat hanger can be}. When full, I take to my dry cleaner for him to reuse – eco-friendly also which I love!

Do you have any cheap but fabulous organizing finds? Please share in the comment section below!

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