My favorite organizing tool {FIRST blog video!} + more…!

Quite a lot going on here behind the scenes at Angela Harris Design! Will share three things I’m excited about:

#1:  VIDEO LOVE!  I’ve been learning how to make videos that I can use on my blog and workshops and have created my very 1st video. This one will be a part of the “Weekly Planning Kit” new subscribers will receive when they join my address book. {For my wonderful current subscribers, please be on look out – when this Weekly Planning Kit {WPK} is available, I want to make sure you receive if you’d like!} This video 5 1/2 minute shows my all-time FAVORITE tool for planning my week:

{I know… it’s a tad bit fast, there’s a grammatical typo (whoever finds 1st gets a WATER WATCH!) + a few tiny tech things. Will fix those before using for the WPK. BUT, overall I love it and hope you enjoy!!! Lately, have really had to let go of some of my perfectionistic ways…so sending this as is!} 

*****Click HERE ***** or on image below:


#2:  WATER WATCH made the news again!!!! My goal with WATER WATCH is to **** get the word out**** on the importance of designating someone to watch while kids are in or around water. The video I’m currently putting together contains some sobering statistics – AND some things you can do to keep your little ones {children, grandchildren, little visitors} safe around water.

If you would like to PURCHASE a Water Watch for your family, friends or loved ones with little ones, please click here.  {If you have any “technical” problems ordering – please let me know. I’m trying to make my site as user friendly as possible and want to make I’m aware and handle any glitches – anywhere, for that matter. I’m on a big learning curve with this technical stuff!!!}

If your business – or one you know of – is interested in carrying WATER WATCH, please be in touch with me: Shortly, I plan to list places that carry WATER WATCH on my site – as a “thank you for their support” AND so customers can know where to find one if they prefer buying in person vs. here on site.

If your non-profit organization / school / club would like to sell WATER WATCH as a FUNDRAISER, please let me know – can provide more info. Make a little $ for your group while spreading a potentially life saving message.

This is from National Parenting Publications Awards!!! {Click HERE for more}

#3:  Workshop Prep in Full Swing!  I’ve been working together with my {WONDERFUL!!!!} Kitchen Command Center {KCC} Makeover winner. I cannot wait to share more about her and the workshop itself.  The great news is, YOU will have an opportunity to be involved in this workshop, too. I’ll be sharing some incredible ways to create your ULTIMATE KCC.  It will have your home running smoother in many, many ways. Stay tuned…

With all that I’m excited about, I’m all the more, completely dependent on what I talk about in the video, above. {It is my lifesaver.} If you find yourself stressed, overwhelmed…what the video talks about can help.  And speaking of videos…

 I’d love to say a special thank you to Mary Jaksch, co-founder of A-List Blog Club and Goodlife ZEN {practical inspiration for a happier life}. Through her AMAZING club {co-founded with another one of my favorites: zenhabits’ Leo Babauta} I have learned to create the video, above, and SO much more blog / website related. Mary’s inspiration, enthusiasm and incredible way of simplifying what can very easily overwhelm has been invaluable. If you would like more info on this wonderful resource, please click here:  {this is the bootcamp I’m currently participating in:}

If you decide to try out A-List Blog Club, I’ll get just a bit of $ if you do join through my link. I love sharing helpful things I think readers could use to simplify life or make more enjoyable.  {Actually, I’m realizing more and more that simplifying EQUALS more enjoyable!} Anytime I do get $ in return for purchases made from my site, I will let you know. As far as ANY type of mention {$ or not…!} being authentic {whether it be my thoughts OR recommendations} is extremely important to me and I only want to share what I think you’ll love. That being said, if you have a website or blog – or are interested in creating either – A-List Blog Club is a resource I highly recommend.

Again, thank you Mary!!  {And thanks to the wonderful Barrie Davenport who encouraged me in many ways – including creating this gift for subscribers.} You can find even more fab stuff at Barrie’s A-List Blog Marketing AND Live Bold & Bloom.

Okay…. if you can handle a bit more gushing!  I’d  again like to thank Matt Cleaver of Cleaver Solutions: an AWESOME person to talk with regarding your website. {And incredibly nice – that’s HUGE when you are working with someone. At least in my book! Here’s his contact info if you want more info:

Lots of love in this post today!!!





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