FEEL like you are here... using a little Ambiance. Photo credit: paul (dex)}

Five Fabulous Finds! A new type of post where I”ll share 5 things I think are fabulous – and in some way, shape or form can be linked to order!

Today, here are Five Fabulous TECHNOLOGY MAKING LIFE BETTER Finds:

1. Ambiance:  An “environmental enhancer” app with tons of different sounds:  from Day at the Beach + Country Night TO Greek Restaurant + Watching Soccer in a Pub. Whatever floats your boat – you’ll find it {HEAR it} here.  Price:  2.99

2. Little Snapper: This application allows you to take screenshots {pictures of whatever is on your computer screen} plus much more. I use this for a TON of things – from organizing images while preparing for a workshop, to gathering helpful ideas to send to a client.  Price:  39.99

3. Evernote: This is a place where you can capture anything and everything. It can work with mobile devices so you can have anytime access. Plus, you can search by keyword or tag to find whatever you’ve noted in a snap.  Price:  FREE!

What Evernote can do for you {I took this screenshot using Little Snapper - how handy!}

Organizing Tip: When using an app like Little Snapper or Evernote, give some thought to how you can best organize what you’ll be bringing in BEFORE jumping in. When I started using these two, I got so carried away in using and I didn’t set up a very smart system for incoming stuff.  Now I’m having to go back and organize. A life organizer by profession, you’d think I would have known better!

4. WorkFlowy: A simple yet powerful way to outline projects, keep lists, organize thoughts. Watch this two-minute video {CLICK HERE} to see how it works. It’s “simply” amazing. Price: FREE!

5. Simply Noise: a “color noise generator” app {white noise + more} you can download on your smart phone, iPad, computer. It’s like having a sound machine anywhere you need it. Incredible way to block out distraction when you’re working {FOCUSING}, sleeping – or simply wishing to relax. You can set the timer for it to turn off …. after you’ve drifted into dreamland. Price: FREE!

Do YOU have favorites? If so, please share with me!

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