How I organize my holiday decor + extra bonus it brings

My parents make holidays extra special and I hope to pass this “holiday special-ness” along to my family as well. Our anticipation would begin with the arrival of the holiday decor. While they don’t go overboard, Mom and Dad typically have some kind of seasonal something going on: from the table and mantel inside to the window boxes outside.

While I’m just starting my collection of seasonal stuff, I’ve seen how quickly it can get out of control. Here are a few tips on taming:

When organizing & storing:

  • Pull holiday stuff from various locations and sort by holiday.
  • Contain each holiday in its own labeled bin.
  • Store in non-prime space {since you’ll only be using once a year}.
  • A”fter Holiday” sales can be a good time to pick out a piece for your collection – but don’t buy solely based on discounted price. Buy because you love.
  • And speaking of… when pulling out or putting away, only keep what you love. Just because it’s been a part of your holidays for years doesn’t mean it has to stay. Donate what you aren’t wild about.

This simple organizing idea not only has helped me find what I need without a second thought, the ritual of opening it up {**the extra bonus**} really has become a fun tradition our boys eagerly anticipate. {Now that they are a little older, I should say “mildly” anticipate. But I notice they’ll put their “too cool-ness” aside after a few and really start getting into.} A few ideas:

  • Talk it up a few days prior to: “On Monday we’ll be pulling out the Valentine stuff!”
  • Make it a point to open holiday bin when all family members are present {at least the kids}.
  • Have fun – and if the kids want to help, great! {And if this makes you cringe, just know you can always re-arrange when they aren’t around : )

Not only will you be making happy holiday memories {BONUS #1}, you’ll be passing along some good organizing skills that your kids will gradually pick up on {BONUS #2}. Now that’s a fabulous habit to share!

And speaking of fabulous + holidays, here are a couple of Valentine finds {I heart Pinterest!}:

Beautiful table - gets me in the {Valentine's Day} mood! {Image from}

Cute idea for valentine for your valentines {image from Martha}


Sweet dreams with this homemade heart garland {image from}

 For more of my finds, hook up with me on Pinterest! {READ THIS for a quick Pinterest 101.}



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