Do you have THIS in your kitchen? It can CHANGE the way your home runs

I’m on the lookout for a Kitchen Command Center in need of a makeover! Do you have one that could use a little help? Or are you in need of creating one from scratch?

What exactly IS a Kitchen Command Center {KCC}?

It’s a place {usually in or near the kitchen} where “everything home” is managed: from schedules and paperwork to meal planning and messages.

What can a KCC do for you and your family? 

With all we have going on in our lives, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. While we have limited control over so much out there, we DO have much control over our home. I’m big on making our personal environments nurturing – they should welcome us home after a long day and simply feel good to be in – for visitors and family members. What role does a KCC play here? Quite a bit! It can:

  • greatly improve communication among family members
  • provide streamlined systems making things {from bill paying to home care} run much smoother
  • make your role as home manager much more productive – and enjoyable!

I’m in the process of creating a workshop to help others create their own KCC and am looking for someone in big need of one. Currently I am not scheduling new clients but this is an opportunity to have me come into your home {in person or through Skype – doesn’t matter where you are geographically} and create a KCC or give your existing one an  overhaul!

If you are interested, please send me an email {} with subject: KCC makeover and include {by 1/31/12}:

  • photos of your kitchen
  • reason why you’d like to be selected {organization struggles you are having, etc.}

Entries will be kept confidential {just seen by me : ) but if selected, we’ll showcase our work together in creating an amazing KCC – will be fun! {I’m giving mine an overhaul right now as well!}

And speaking of “kitchen”… This excerpt {entitled, Lessons from the Silverware Drawer} comes from one of my favorite organizing books. It’s a fabulous way to think about order. You’ve heard me say before how important it is to have a home for everything, to be able to easily find WHAT you need WHEN you need it – AND to easily put away what you have out. Our time and energy should not be wasted on searching for our things – or a place to put them each time. LOVE this analogy from Stacey Platt:


Lessons from the Silverware Drawer

“If I came to your house and asked you to show me your birth certificate, would you know where to find it? What about a safety pin? Your checkbook? The receipt for your computer? An extension cord? Your 2006 tax returns? Regardless of how many or how few of these you could produce without too much digging, I bet that if I were to ask you for a fork, you would know exactly where to go to get one. Why? Because the system for organizing your flatware demonstrates four organizing principles:

  1. Forks are kept with forks.
  2. They have single and consistent home.
  3. Everyone in the house hold is in agreement about it.
  4. Forks are put back there after being used {and washed!}.

These principles can – and should – be applied to organizing anything in your home. Keep like things together. Give everything a home. Get the whole household on board. Put things back when you are done. It’s really that simple.”

Stacey Platt {from her book, What’s a Disorganized Person to Do? {published by Artisan}

P.S.  Feel free to share this post with friends / loved ones who may want a Kitchen Command Center makeover – it’s open to anyone!

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