My favorite Christmas treat + more

My grandmother's peanut butter balls: my favorite treat - then & now

Every Christmas my grandmother would make peanut butter balls and would keep them in little tins around her home. Throughout the day I’d “sneak” a few, but magically the tins would replenish themselves. {Grandmom must have made countless batches.} I’m even eating one as I type this at 6:30 a.m. – goes great with coffee!!! Here’s the recipe + a few other yummy alternatives + a few keeping order tips at the end:

Ingredients for peanut butter balls {can use your favorite melting chocolate}

INGREDIENTS:  {Makes about 24 balls:  I’ll often double the recipe}

  • 2 c graham cracker crumbs
  • 1 box {16 oz} powdered sugar
  • 2 sticks butter, melted
  • 1 c peanut butter
  • Melting chocolate {this time, I just used a package of semisweet chocolate chips}


  • Mix graham cracker crumbs & sugar well {I use my electric mixer for this}
  • Mix in melted butter

I melted the two sticks of butter in the microwave: 1 minute

  • Then, mix in peanut butter

I mix everything for this using my KitchenAid mixer {accidentally, I mixed the first 3 ingredients in "wrong order" this time but it turned out just fine : )

  • Roll into balls, place on wax paper & store in fridge for a bit {30 min – 1 hr}

I had a little help from my little one with the rolling balls part {And, yes, he DID wash his hands - very well for this!!!}

  • Melt chocolate {my grandmother would melt a bar of paraffin wax with the chocolate but I’m not sure if that’s okay to do these days?!}

There are different ways to dip the balls: I've used toothpicks {you can quickly "cover up" the hole the toothpick makes by gently going over hole with toothpick}; this time I used two forks - would let excess chocolate drip off - worked pretty well.

  • Dip peanut butter balls in chocolate, place back on wax paper & store in fridge.  {Can also freeze or store at room temperature in tin / container.}

VARIATIONS:  Instead of peanut butter balls, try:

OREO BALLS {my husband’s favorite!}: 1 pkg Oreos + 1 pkg cream cheese:   Crush {cold} Oreos {I did in food processor – made it super easy} then mix in the cream cheese {again, food processor}; make balls & dip in chocolate.

COOKIE DOUGH BALLS {haven’t tried these yet – just saw on Pinterest – look fabulous!!} Click HERE for recipe


Cookie dough balls - how incredible do these look?!! {image + recipe courtesy of}

 I’m wrapping up with a few quick tips on bringing a bit more order and peace to your holiday season…

  • Take a few moments of quiet {lock yourself in the bathroom if you have to!} and jot down everything you need to do for the day – and days ahead. {Make sure you have ONE place to dump all those “to do’s” – get them out of your head into a reliable place!}
  • Figure out the one thing you MOST want during each of the upcoming days and make sure you at least do that ONE thing.
  • Cross off {even if you DON’T do it!} or adapt what you can. {For example, instead of getting Christmas treats, my neighbors will (probably) be getting New Years treats.}

I thank you so very much for being a part of my blog... and wish you all a Merry Christmas + wonderful rest of the holiday season!




  1. FYI: the bag of chocolate chips used above is 24 oz!

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