A favorite ritual: give yourself a clean slate each month

Happy Blank Slate Day to you!

I love celebrating the first day of the month with my cup of coffee, a pencil and a blank piece of paper. {And usually a pet or two sleeping – they are so lazy! – nearby.} Reflecting back and looking forward, I begin to sketch out my month ahead: including what I hope to accomplish + how to find a bit more balance where I’m needing it most.

As mentioned in an earlier post where I introduced this monthly ritual, some months the paper is full, while others – not so much. Depends on what I’m feeling – and what’s on my calendar.

These are two things on my page for November:

#1 Preparing for the holidays

While I get ready here in my own home, I’ll be sharing some of my holiday favorites with you, including:

  • organizing tips: my personal holiday organizer + other ways to bring order {which in my book = more peace}
  • budgeting tips: how I stayed under budget the past two holiday seasons
  • style ideas: adding personal style to your holidays
  • recipe favorites: a fabulous pie + secrets to making good {tasting AND looking} Christmas cookies {the “more involved way” and the “easy way”}

#2 Hiring myself to do a bit of re-organizing

Even though it’s what I do professionally for others, periodically I take time to re-evaluate / re-group / re-vamp my own surroundings, systems and calendar.  This month, I’ve set aside time to do this in my home and office.  And speaking of office, if you missed this re-tweet, check out these beautiful office images I shared yesterday on Twitter {link at bottom}.

* If you need some help with organizing your home, office or life in general, would love to share more about how I can help. {We can work on the “life in general” part no matter where you live geographically!} Just send me an email {angela@AngelaHarrisDesign.com} requesting more info and I’ll send some your way.

Passing along my favorite tweet this week:  from Stacia Pierce’s Entrepreneur’s Workspace: Where Enterprising Women Create:

image from lifecoachtowomen.com


“As a writer, business owner, family manager and lifestyle coach, I spend a lot of time at my desk. My office is my research center and often my refuge after extensive travel. I believe that your environment should inspire you to dream big and think higher. I adore all things fashionable and am always inspired by my favorite designers as they send their creations down the runway each season. This passion spills over into my workspace. The more responsibilities that are added to my life, the more time and effort I invest in making sure my office space is inviting, functional and stylish enough to spark creative ideas. Whether your office space is large, or it’s just a corner you carved out in your kitchen, make sure it is fun and functional and fits your personal style so your ideas can really take flight.”

– Stacia Pierce

To see lots of amazing office spaces {including Julianne Moore, Tamara Mellon, Tory Burch, Oprah Winfrey, Rachel Zoe, Aerin Lauder… and more}, click HERE.


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