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I’m not into adding extra stuff for me to do just for the sake of it. However, if it’s something I’m going to have to do, I {try to} do it sooner {so that I can enjoy the benefits of being on top of it} rather than later {and feeling the heavier-by-the-day weight of procrastination}. This habit I’m trying to make came to mind when talking with Leigh. {If you’re on my newsletter mailing list – you may recall the Order, Comfort, Style + Joy spotlight interview I did with her a while back… click here to read.}

Anyone who’s put their house in the market knows the stress of getting it “show ready” before heading out the door. This was what we were talking about recently {Leigh is moving away…my heart is broken, but on the bright side we are already looking forward to the house parties we’ll be having : ) {And one more quick BTW, I’ll be sharing a new favorite sandwich recipe shortly – Leigh made this for me – a m a z i n g l y  delicious.}

Leigh + family ... Where will we go for Halloween now that you are leaving? : (

The tie in between doing things sooner rather than later + putting your house on the market? Leigh was saying how wonderful it is to walk back through the door into a house that’s in “show ready” condition. When you think of it, these are things {picking up / putting away / wiping down} that’ll usually get done {eventually} so by doing it sooner, you are able to enjoy. Here is a Q&A between Leigh and me:

What changes have you made that enable you to leave the house “show ready”?
The biggest change was actually getting beds made every morning.  Just wasn’t a high priority for me when we were rushing to get to school and work.  That changes, though, when you are trying to sell your house.  I also try and do as much picking up as I can in the evening so that leaves less to do when we are trying to get out of the house on time in the morning.  A lot of new files have been created to keep all the paperwork that is involved with selling/buying/moving.  Can’t have anymore piles on the counter!  Since Jimmy is gone all week, I also have a file where I put all the mail and kid’s papers I want him to see.  He goes through it every weekend when he is home.

Have the kids helped and if so, how?
The kids are responsible for their rooms.  They now have to make their beds every morning and make sure everything is off the floor and in its place before they leave.  They also help pick up all the dog toys that end up all over the house when you have two dogs.

How does it feel walking through the door when arriving home to straightened up vs. before? {Not that it was a mess before.}
I have to admit that I love coming home to a neat house everyday.  It can be stressful getting it that way before I have to leave in the morning, but it sure is nice when I come home.

Do you think after you sell and move to new home, you’ll be keeping some of these habits?
Since we have been doing this now for 6 months (UGH!), I do think keeping the house picked up will continue once we move.  Maybe not making the beds every morning, though, especially since they will all be upstairs in new house :-)!

Do you have a link to your house on market for me to include?
Yes, click here.

Anything else to add?
If house doesn’t sell within next few weeks, we will be putting it up for rent as well.

Thanks, Leigh!  As mentioned here before, our surroundings play such a tremendous role in our lives.  By making small changes, little by little, the habits created can shift your home {and state of mind} from chaos to oasis.

P.S.  Leigh + family are moving to Parkland, Florida {just north of Coral Springs and southwest of Boca Raton}.  If you know someone in the area that would make nice {but not too nice – I don’t want to be replaced} friends, let me know and I’ll pass the name to Leigh.

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