Blank Slate Day

The first day of the month is one of my favorite days.  I call it my “Blank Slate Day” because it’s when I start again with a clean slate and think about how I wish for the upcoming month to unfold.

This is how I do my Blank Slate day:

1.  Find a little uninterrupted time {yes, it’s doable!} {and sometimes I’ll celebrate it on the 2nd or 3rd day of the month – doesn’t have to be the 1st!}

2.  Pull together your goals / vision* / values* / calendar and think about:

  • where you’re out of balance
  • what you have on  your plate this coming month
  • anything in future you need to begin working on
  • things you can do that’ll bring you closer to where you want to be

*  If you don’t have some kind of vision / goals set for where you’d like to go {as mentioned in #2, above} give some thought to this as well. I’ll share ways I do this in a future post.

3.  Map out a plan for the upcoming month. I have mine on one sheet of paper: sometimes it’s detailed, other times, minimal – depending on what I need that month.

Now what?

In the upcoming days and weeks of the month, do your best to fit in {or take out – some months I need down time / me time…to recover from crazy month before} what you’ve outlined. As you complete something, highlight it. While I don’t save my weekly planning page {I know I sound so un-fun but it actually allows me to be / have more fun : ), I do save these monthly pages. It’s a great way to see how my story is unfolding – kind of an automatic journal.

A former New Years resolution setter lover {and February resolution dropper}, I have found this to work much better for me. The monthly time in between (vs. yearly} seems to be just right. And what I write is on paper – not stone. It allows me to give thought to what’s not working and move in different directions if needed – or desired.

When days are over-the-top, UN-fun… whatever – I tell myself, “Hold on, another Blank Slate Day is coming!”

Happy Blank Slate Day to each of you!


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