Home accessories gone wild

Step #1 at my house: accessories gathered

I love surrounding myself with things that are truly special to me: photos of loved ones, shells I’ve found, antlers found on my parents’ farm, favorite books… the list goes on. An a-ha moment for me was when I realized YOU DON’T HAVE TO EXPOSE IT ALL. So, this is how I keep my home accessories from turning into home clutter.

1.  Once every several months, I go around and collect all of the stuff on display and bring it all to one place.

2.  Then, I take advantage of the clear surfaces and do a good {but quick – thanks to step #1} dusting / polishing. I’ll also do the same with the accessories I’ve gathered. {Check out those hurricanes in my pic above – haven’t gotten to this step yet!}

3.  Check any inventory that’s temporarily being stored and then with all pieces in mind, take a tour of spaces and place objects in new ways. {I LOVE getting placement ideas from magazines!}

4.  Look at the things remaining and consider giving what you don’t LOVE to someone who may appreciate it.

5.  Designate a place {shelf, plastic bin} for keeping your home accessory inventory and stash the “on break” items there.

I love doing this because it keeps my surroundings fresh and helps me reign in the stuff that seems to magically accumulate over time. It’s a mini home makeover – that doesn’t cost a dime!

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