Surround yourself with what you love: STYLE

"Style" - one of my favorite book categories (The other: "organizing" : )

While style may not make quite as deep of an impact as what we do and who we’re with, don’t underestimate it’s power! It can add sparkle to the ho-hum, day-to-day which can have some pretty awesome affects on everything from your mood to your well-being. {It’s all connected!}

When most of us think of style, we think: fashion {and hair, makeup, accessories}But style is so much more.  It’s the way you do what you do – and what you surround yourself with. It’s not about being artificial {doing it just for show} but taking the time to enhance your life with what you truly love.  The ways you can do this are endless.  Here are a few {and in parenthesis, how I personally do it}:

– the way you wrap a gift {natural paper with combination of ribbon – depending on the recipient and occasion}

– how you set a table {candles – always! – even when it’s just the kids and me; and yes, sometimes I”ll even break the – ridiculous if you ask me – “no candles during the day” rule}

– the pen you write with {love my rainbow of Le Pens}

– the stationary you use {my stash includes Cranes, Sharp & Sally – just to name a few} + the way you sign a note

– the scent you wear {my classic: Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle; for daytime: Sarah Horowitz: What Comes From Within: Peace; when in desperate need of summer: Bobbi Brown’s Beach}

– and, of course, the clothes you wear … Here’s a quote from the newest book on {fashionable} style:

“Getting dressed should be fun, because everything we wear says something about who we are…” Lauren Conrad, Style, publisher: Harper.

Side note: What I’d also love for Lauren – or maybe her mom and dad –  to pen is a “how-to” book on raising GROUNDED kids.  Seriously, I would love to know her/their secrets on this subject!  If I had lived my late teens & early 20’s on reality TV, I’d like to think {but actually don’t really think} I would have come out as poised / unscathed / balanced as Lauren. I loved watching Laguna Beach and The Hills, but can’t help but think, “Wow, my kids are now closer to that age than I am!” My mind switches gears from being totally entertained to totally freaked, and as a mom I really, really want to know how she – and her parents! – did it. Lauren… if you are reading this I’d LOVE to interview you – and/or your mom – for future blog post : ) Okay… back to this post…

Surrounding yourself with what you love {style-wise} begins with simply taking notice in the little things and then adding in your own flair. If you need a little help getting started, check out Making your lifeSTYLE a-mah-zing and Imitation: the sincerest form of flattery.

NEXT:  In the final post of our surround yourself with what you love series, we’ll go HOME!


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